Choir Update & Farewell Gala

April 28, approximately 7:00pm Oakham House/TCC Farewell Party
For those who have signed up for the gala, we are planning to sing the following songs for a final sweet memory.
Mozart Lacrimosa
Mozart Agnus Dei
O.Peterson Hymn to Freedom
F.Schubert  Mass - Kyrie, Gloria
O.Hammerstein I whistle a happy tune

Previous repertoire below:

Information for Choristers
Vivaldi Gloria


Gloria Score


1. Gloria
2. Et in terra pax
4. Gratias agimus te
5. Propter magnam gloriam
7. Domine Fili unigenite
8. Domine deus
9. Qui trollis
11. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus
12. Cum sancto Spiritu
Vollinger Latin Jazz Mass

Vollinger Latin Jazz Mass

Latin Jazz Mass Score 

2. Kyrie
3. Gloria
4. Psalm and Halleluja
5. Laudato
6. Sanctus, Benedictus
8. Our father
9. Agnus Dei
10. Lord
12. I looked up
13. Peace
14. Sing the song 
Can't Help Singing
I Whistle a Happy Tune
When Saint Go Marching In
Welcome the Child of Light
Sing Gently by Eric Whitacre
Cantique de Jean Racine by Faure
Ige Herouvimy (Cherubic Hymn) by Dmitri Bortniansky
Al Shlosha D'varim by Allan E. Naplan
I will Sing the the Spirit by John Rutter
Cantate Domino by Mark Hayes
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (arr. Roger Emerson)
You'll Never Walk Alone and Climb Every Mountain