TORONTO SINFONIETTA – a professional orchestra

Our concerts wouldn’t be so successful without the dedicated musicians of the Toronto Sinfonietta orchestra.

Founded and headed by our music director, Matthew Jaskiewicz, the Toronto Sinfonietta performs seamlessly with us at every concert. 

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Like an extended family, we often perform large choral pieces together. With the Novi Singers, we bring much joy and diversity to our concerts.

Founded and directed by Matthew Jaskiewicz, Novi Singers specialize in Polish choral music.

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Sponsors and Volunteers


We would like to take this opportunity to recognize those who have recently made important contributions to the choir.

Their contributions include financial support, executive planning, administrative support, web design and maintenance, media editing, and musical and artistical creation.


Terry Adams

Tami Strong

Donna Koller

Rob Silver

Matthew Jaskiewicz