About the Toronto Concert Choir

The Birth of The Toronto Concert Choir

A message from Matthew, the Music Director

The world may be practically at a standstill, but no pandemic is going to stop the enthusiastic members of Oakham House Choir from creating a brand new choir:  The Toronto Concert Choir.

Continuing the tradition of the Oakham House Choir, the Toronto Concert Choir will welcome singers of all levels of ability, and inspire them to strive for excellence.  We want our performances to be exciting, expressive, captivating and lively.

We will also continue to perform works composed mostly for orchestra, soloists and choir; great choral works from previous centuries, as well as recent works rooted in traditional choral style.   In our new choir, however, we will expand our repertoire by exploring contemporary music inspired by different traditions.

At present, all members of the new Toronto Concert Choir will be coming from the recently disbanded Oakham House Choir, but we are hoping to expand our existing 100+ membership to a bigger, better and more inclusive group.  We are also working on establishing a formal relationship with Ryerson University.

…Our Artistic Team

  • Matthew Jaskiewicz, music director of Oakham House Choir since the beginning, will still be the founding music director and conductor of The Toronto Concert Choir
  • Alexander (Sasha) Kats, an accomplished concert pianist and teacher will be our accompanist at the rehearsals and the concerts
  • Allison Cecilia Arends, soprano, successful soloist and experienced performer with a beautiful voice, will be choir vocal instructor.

…. Plans for the Near Future

While we are waiting for facilities to re-open:

  • Weekly choir practices will be held on the Ryerson campus where possible
  • The choir’s first major concert will take place at Knox Presbyterian Church. 
  • The Toronto Sinfonietta, a group of professional musicians, will accompany the choir at major concerts. 
  • All current members of Oakham House Choir will be members of the new choir.
  • We will be welcoming Ryerson students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as members of the larger Toronto community.

… Keep in touch for new developments

More information about future plans, openings for new members, membership fees, repertoire, and time and place of rehearsals will be available on our website in the coming weeks and months.  However, if you wish to get in touch with me directly, don’t hesitate to email me at matthew.jaskiewicz@gmail.com