Toronto Concert Choir

The Birth of The Toronto Concert Choir

As the successor to the Oakham House Choir at Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University), the Toronto Concert Choir was created during pandemic when we couldn’t meet and sing in person. However, with the help of technology, we have been able to perform several 4-part choral music from various historical eras. With virtual recording and instrumentation, we put the past and present together and bring hope for the future.

Continuing the 35 years’ tradition of the Oakham House Choir, the Toronto Concert Choir welcomes singers of all levels of ability and inspire them to strive for excellence. We want our performances to be exciting, expressive, captivating and lively.

Our future concerts will continue to feature works composed mostly for orchestra, soloists and choir; great choral masterpieces from previous centuries, as well as recent works rooted in traditional choral style. However, we intend to expand our repertoire by exploring contemporary music inspired by a variety of cultures and traditions.

At present, the Toronto Concert Choir is made up of members of the former Oakham House Choir, TMU Students, Alumni and Staffs. We hope to expand our membership to a bigger, better and more inclusive group. We rehearse on TMU campus. We are also working towards a formal relationship with Toronto Metropolitan University.