Greetings Choristers! 

            We have all faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, and we hope that the worst is behind us.  Now is the time to look ahead and start planning for the re-opening of the choir.  We would like to thank all the members who participated in the ZOOM ‘rehearsals’ and helped to produce several ‘virtual’ recordings.  Thanks to your efforts, our choir remained active while so many other groups went into hibernation.

For many months, I have been acting as the interim choir manager, but I am now happy to announce that Terry Adams has agreed to take over the coordination of choir activities.  You will soon receive the full list of the members of the Committee.

Before we start the rehearsals in September, we would like to invite all our members to celebrate the survival of the choir and to participate in a ‘Singing Shindig’.  We will get together at the Ryerson Campus and sing several songs together, outdoors.  Choir members will receive a list of the songs, the date and the location of this gathering, as soon as we have it arranged.

We will send you the list of the songs we would like to practice/perform at the Singing Shindig. The scores will be posted on our website. A popular song You’ll Never Walk Alone, arranged by Mark Hayes, will be one of them. The karaoke version of it is also on the website. If you wish, you can record your part and send us the recording. We will edit all the voices and produce another virtual recording of the choir performance.

Everywhere there is a feeling of optimism, and hope that we are nearing the end of these dark times.  Let’s welcome each other back to a life with joy and music and love, as we raise our voices in song again.


Matthew and Terry